Tired of working from 9-5?

Want to explore the world without feeling unemployed?

Looking for awesome jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world?

Worry no more! You’re not alone 🙂

Me and Jiyuu are working remotely for a few years now and we know how you feel.

Here are some of the freelance jobs that you can do and enjoy while travelling.

8 Remote Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

1. Freelance writer

remote jobs you can do from anywhere

If you’re the one who really loves writing then this one is the awesome choice. This can help you work remotely anytime and anywhere in the world.

There is a lot of varieties that you can do in terms of writing. You can choose either for blogging, social media, magazines, newspaper or you can also create your own websites.

To become an awesome freelance writer you can start by writing your own blog, choosing your desired niche, create portfolio, create LinkedIn, contact companies, join groups online, try Fiverr and Upwork, collect testimonials from clients, familiarize skills and tools like SEO, look for writing job boards then you can now start your dream writing job.

Writing for many hours can be exhausting and might cause neck pain so maybe try to buy the best laptop stand that you can use.

Pro-tip: Your writing style should always be engaging so that your target readers should always come back and enjoy reading your articles. 🙂

2. Graphic designer

remote jobs you can do from anywhere

My first business is a printing shop and I’m the only one who designs some posters of my clients, tarpaulins, design logos for some companies and I really enjoyed it a lot but then I realized that it’s not for me and I think being a graphic designer is really not my passion.

If you have a passion for designing, creating art and wants to become a visual storyteller then this job is perfect for you.

Graphic designers are the ones who create visuals for social media ads, posters, product designs, magazine layouts, web logos, even in video games and designs for NFT games.

Some other companies don’t require having a bachelor degree yet they look for a person who is passionate, effective and persistent.

They don’t mind where in the world you do your task. In fact, there are many digital nomads nowadays.

If you’re a beginner that wants to expand your learnings skills, Here are the step by step guide that you can read to become a awesome graphic designer.

3. Social media manager

remote jobs you can do from anywhere

If you’re the one who loves to browse social media and understands the algorithm on how to go viral then this job is definitely for you.

Social media manager is the one who take over their social media accounts, handles marketing campaigns like Facebook ads, tracks the engagement ratings and analytics.

Some companies don’t require a bachelor degree but you should also create a portfolio to show all your ideas and experiences.

Here are some steps and roles to become a successful social media manager that you can also read to be prepared for your awesome perfect job.

4. Virtual assistant

remote jobs you can do from anywhere

If you’re the one who can manage a remote administrative services then this is the job you’ve been looking for.

Virtual assistant is a perfect job for a freelancer because you can still manage your own schedule and work anywhere.

One of my first jobs in working online is by being a virtual assistant. I applied via upwork for several months until I got a client.

The basic tasks are answering emails, manage phone calls, create reports or letters, check schedules, files and documents, check calendars and many more.

There are tons of companies that offers virtual assistant jobs such as:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Flexjobs

To become a remote virtual assistant you don’t need to have a college degree or a license. All you need is your laptop and good internet connection.

5. Translator

remote jobs you can do from anywhere

If you want to become a remote translator you should know at least two languages or in short you need to be bilingual.

You should be able to read, write, speak and keen to every details in languages that you know.

Some companies requires a bachelor’s degree but others are just looking for a basic qualifications including the ability to prove that you are very fluent in English.

As a remote translator your responsibilities depends on your clients because some of them are just giving you a basic written text file, projects or school papers to translate but there’s also a major files like legal contracts, agreements or any personal matters.

6. Software developer

remote jobs you can do from anywhere

If you’re the one who loves coding, problem solving, designing, building a software or knows at least one programming language then this one is for you.

The daily task of a software developer is to troubleshoot systems, fixing computer codes, performing maintenance to keep software functions, documenting solutions, testing their products then performs quality control checks.

I remember watching a YouTube video about coding and how to learn the basic programming language and it really amazed me because of their work ethics and it feels like your talking to your computer and it’s so cool.

7. Video game tester

remote jobs you can do from anywhere

This kind of job is my favorite because I really love playing video games. I remember working in odesk before to be a video game tester for grand theft auto video game and it’s really cool experience because I can test the game all the time to look for bugs, errors, glitches and comment everything that need improvements and it’s such an amazing experience.

The responsibility of a video game tester is to know if the game performs according to the plan of your client and they need to make sure it doesn’t have errors before it will release to the public.

Playing video games for many hours a day can be tiring so maybe you can consider buying the best affordable chairs that is perfect for gaming.

It’s a perfect job too while traveling because some of the companies just requires you to meet the developers face to face via zoom to identify issues.

8. Customer service representative

remote jobs you can do from anywhere

If you’re the one who can handle complaints and has a patience to listen to all the customers problems then this one is for you.

Customer service representative helps customers by explaining all the details of the company products. They are the one who contacts customers thru phone, online messaging or email.

Some companies requires a high school diploma but some are just thru trainings and experience.

You can choose to be in voice support, chat, email or even social media support.

And that’s it!

Good luck on your journey.

I’d love to hear from you: Do you know some awesome jobs that you can do from anywhere? Any tips?

Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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