Tired of having sleepless nights? Then try these seven best evening routine examples the next time you want to make your evening more calming, fall asleep faster and help you wake up early and be  productive in the morning.

Let me help you out.

After a long tiring day working at home or at our office, we all feel overwhelmed by these scenarios at night, including:

  • You feel burned out thinking on what to do first for tomorrow
  • You can’t decide what to eat for breakfast
  • You don’t know where to start cleaning your bedroom
  • You can’t focus your mind before going to sleep
  • And more!

Do you relate to any of these, too?

If so, these tips are the perfect way to help you feel at ease and achieve a better night’s sleep.

Let’s get going.

7 Best Evening Routine Examples for a Better Night

1. Take a warm soothing bath

evening routine examples

I really love to take a nice calming warm bath after a long tiring day. It helps me to feel calm and relaxed.

There’s actually an explanation for this: warm water can effectively relieve body tension and wash away muscle fatigue.

Our body temperature naturally drops every night, creating melatonin or sleeping hormones. Taking a warm soothing bath will raise your body temperature at night and will give your body a better sleep.

You should also consider having a nice warm bath an hour before you sleep because it will make you feel more refreshed and calm.

Pro-tip: Use some lavender or eucalyptus bath oil, play your favorite music, or listen to podcasts that can help you be more chill or productive when planning your night.

I love listening to Marie Forleo’s podcast every night before I go to sleep. This is perfect for your evening routine because it will help you clear your mind. You should try it too.

2. Drink your favorite tea

evening routine examples

Drinking my favorite chamomile tea at night is like having my “me time”.

Imagine, I would be busy thinking at work and dealing with personal errands all day, so I feel like my mind’s cluttered the whole time. But whenever I take a sip of my favorite relaxing tea, I feel all the worries melt away.

I would suggest certain teas to help you have a better sleep, such as:

  • Chamomile Tea
  • Lavender Tea
  • Peppermint Tea

These kinds of tea will surely help you lessen your stress and anxiety, soothe your body, give you relaxation and calm your body and mind.

Butdon’t add sugar to your tea before bedtime, as sugar can promote wakefulness. You don’t want to be wide awake at night when you just want to sleep, right? 🙂

Also, be sure the tea is free of caffeine to ensure uninterrupted sleep.

Pro Tip: Try drinking tea and just focus on your breathing while meditating — it will help you clear your mind and get ready for a better tomorrow.

3. Write on your journal

evening routine examples

Did you know that journaling helps boost optimism and gratitude, so it makes you feel better?

That’s why this kind of evening routine is perfect after sipping your favorite tea and meditating. I always feel relieved after journaling.

I love writing down all the things that happened all day. It helps to declutter my mind. It’s also perfect to write everything that makes you happy and what you’re always grateful for.

You can also write your affirmation 15 times before you sleep just like Marie Forleo said, it doesn’t need to be that long.

Want more ideas on how to start your journey in journaling? Here are 60+ journal prompts you can take a look at to get started.

Try to write your affirmations at night too! It really helps. Trust me.

4. Do your skincare routine

evening routine examples

You should also take care of your skin at night, your skin deserves it. 🙂

I always forget to do my skin care routine at night when I’m sleepy but I always try to get up and do it. Lol.

I am always lazy but I also love to multi-task like watching Netflix while taking care of my skin.

Want to know some more skincare tips for lazy girls? Here are the 12 skincare tips to help you spend less time and effort.

My quick and easy routine when I’m really sleepy is washing my face with The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Lemon then with my favorite Water Sleeping Mask by Laneige and that’s it!

You can actually do this after taking a bath so that you’ll be ready before going to bed. This way, your face will be clean when you put in on your pillow. So you’ll have less chances of getting a breakout, too.

Use the skincare products that are best for your skin type. Not all of us are equal, so better to do ample research before you put something on your face.

5.Watch your favorite Netflix show

evening routine examples

I love watching Netflix while eating, drinking my fave tea or even before sleeping, like who doesn’t, right?

For example, If you feel burned out while working, you can watch your favorite show to help free your mind from all the stress.

Try watching your favorite Korean drama show or comedy show to laugh out your stressful day at work and just forget about it but don’t try to watch your favorite cooking or food trip show ’cause it will make you crave for it 😀

My fave Netflix shows before going to sleep are Schitt’s Creek and Kimetsu No Yaiba.

What’s yours? 🙂

6. Make a to-do list

evening routine examples

It’s hard to relax and sleep at night because there’s a lot of time to think before going to bed. That’s why I recommend to make a to-do list or journal everything to declutter your mind.

If you feel lost or don’t even know where to start? Here are 10 simple tips to help you on what you need to know on starting your to do list.

I always sit down in bed or in front of my desk every 5-10 minutes every day just to write down all my to-do list for tomorrow then I put a check on my list that I’ve accomplished yesterday.

It doesn’t need to be that long, just a quick to do list is okay so that it’s not overwhelming for you.

You should also include journaling to your evening routine, it helps you appreciate life and feel happy while writing down all your memories for this day.

7. Clean and organize your bedroom

evening routine examples

Cleaning your bedroom is helping you to put your mind at ease. It is also nice to add this in your evening routine because it will help you sleep better.

I always clean my room before going to bed like cleaning my desk, fixing my bedsheet, shaking off the dust in my pillows, putting all my used clothes in the laundry basket and I always prepare a water next to me so that I can drink water right after I wake up.

Do this for about 15 minutes every night so that there is no mess in your bedroom before waking up in the morning.

Waking up in a clean and fresh bedroom feels good, doesn’t it?

Now try this and I’m pretty sure it also helps you to have a better sleep. 🙂

I’d love to hear from you: what’s your favorite thing to do to in your evening routine? Any examples?

Let us know in the comments below.

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