Do you want to know more tips on how to study online while travelling the world?

Since the pandemic began, it’s now “normal” to pursue an education, even if you’re not physically attending a university. Actually, my little brother started his online study back in 2020, and now, most of his friends do the same thing.

Luckily for you, we now live in a time where you can go see the world while completing your studies at the same time.


We give you 5 tried-and-tested tips below to help you get started.

Let’s dive in.

5 Helpful Tips on How to Study Online While Travelling

Bitten by the travel bug, and can’t wait to explore the world as you also work on your education?

A good plan of action and some preparation are all you need to get started.

Not to worry. Here are some tricks to help you get a degree while you travel the world.

1. Choose the best online course that you really love

study online while travelling

Sure, this is already a classic advice when you’re picking the course that you’re going to study.

But since you’re going to be learning about this consistently while you’re travelling, your course needs to be something that you’re passionate about.

After all, how else can you take a break from your picnic in Seoul, or go-karting in Tokyo, or milk-tea-shopping in Taiwan, if the course you’re studying seems boring to you, right?

You can also check some of the best websites for online courses that can help you choose what you want to study online while travelling.

Sometimes there is a websites that give free short courses for international students.

It doesn’t matter what course you choose — what matters is you love it. 🙂

2. Know the time zone differences

study online while travelling

If you are travelling in a different country, you can always adjust your time so that you can plan a perfect schedule that suits you.

Jiyuu and I always prepare ourselves whenever we travel, we always check the flight first before we book it so that we can still study and work at the same time before exploring.

You should prioritize first all your homework or projects that needs to be submitted before planning for your travel.

Creating a timetable is important so that it doesn’t bother your sleeping schedule and can help you travel more.

It’s really important to know the time zone differences wherever you will go so that you are more prepared all the time.

3. Check hotel with fast wi-fi connection

study online while travelling

After you booked your flight or planned your land tour, you should also consider checking the hotels or airbnb that has a fast and reliable wi-fi.

You can check all their recent reviews before booking to know if their wi-fi connection is superb so that you will study comfortably.

It’s also good to know the location of your booked hotel, it should be near the tourist attractions so that it will be less hassle for you.

Pro-tip: Don’t book a hostel! Instead look for a cheap hotel or airbnb with your own private room, fast wifi and not shared because you don’t want to be disturbed by your room mates. Remember, Be a smart traveller. 🙂

4.  Create a to-do list

study online while travelling

Creating a to-do list everyday is really helpful because it can help you organize and enjoy your travel more.

Writing your to-do list or making a journal is really helpful so that you will know to study effectively.

I always do this so that I can manage my time, prepare myself and enjoy while travelling.

As an example, I always create my to-do list during my evening routine so that I can have more time the next morning to check my schedule.

Checking your schedule first is important so that your mind will not be bothered and feel overwhelmed while you enjoy your travel.

5.  Research back-up café

study online while travelling

I remember when Jiyuu and I booked a perfect hotel that has a nice pool, overlooking view, great food but right after checking in we forgot to read the reviews about their bad internet connection and it’s really annoying that’s why we ended up spending a lot of time just by looking for another hotel or café that can save us.

Researching for a perfect café near you is really important too, so that it can help you study perfectly.

Imagine listening to your professor by sipping a cold brew or eating your favorite blueberry cheesecake while reading your notes in a aesthetic café. Amazing right? 🙂

You can also bring you iPad and your tablet too, in case your laptop is full in memory or it just stop working.

Frequently Asked Questions on Study Online While Travelling

“Can I travel while studying online?”

Yes, Anyone has a freedom to travel anywhere we wanted to.

Studying online is really flexible nowadays as long as you have a great internet connection.

“How do you study for a road trip?”

Travelling for a road trip is a bit challenging that’s why you should consider these tips such as:

  • Creating a timetable
  • Pack light
  • Don’t forget to bring your essentials

With these tips you will be able to decide when to study, relax and explore while travelling.

“Can we study while travelling in bus?”

When riding a bus, it is generally a good idea to avoid studying because it may affect your eyesight.

It also depends on the road’s condition. If you encounter potholes then you should refrain from studying.

Final Thoughts on How You Can Study Online While Travelling

Remember that you should also take good care of yourself so that you can study and travel more.

You should also know your priorities first so that you can finish all your work before enjoying your tour.

Travelling while studying is really a dream come true for every student wanderlust, so make the most out of it! Enjoy. 🙂

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