Want to know some helpful tips on how to study effectively for exams?

Feeling scared, tired or unmotivated?

We know this kind of feeling, we’ve been there too..

Let me help you 🙂

Here are some helpful tips that can make you feel motivated and stress-free while studying.

Tips on How to Study Effectively For Exams

1. Stay hydrated

tips on how to study effectively for exams

Did you know that drinking water gives nutrients to your brain and can help your brain cells to communicate with each other so that you can think clearly, concentrate better and boost your energy that’s why staying hydrated before exams is a must.

I remember when I’m about to take my college midterm exam I felt some of the symptoms like dizziness and throbbing headache then our school nurse told me that I’m dehydrated that’s why I can’t focus reviewing and failed my exams.

Drinking lots of water while studying is really important to keep yourself hydrated and feel motivated.

Pro-tip: Drinking 1.2 liters a day can give you better concentration, improved focus and highest test scores.

2. Arrange your study space

tips on how to study effectively for exams

Choosing the best and less distraction environment for studying is really effective because it can help you concentrate more and avoid interruptions.

Make sure to just bring all the important things with you so that you’ll have more space on your desk.

Simply avoid eating, sleeping or texting so that you can focus more on studying.

I prefer studying at home because I can’t handle all the noise outside and I don’t feel comfortable at all but you can choose whether you want to study in the library, café or at your home.

Buying an affordable and comfortable chair can also help you focus on your study and boost your productivity.

3. Create a study timetable

tips on how to study effectively for exams

Creating a study timetable is like making your to do list, it can help you use your time much easier.

It can also help you organize on which subjects you want to study for each day.

You can also include your coffee breaks, exercise for a minute or even your sleeping breaks.

Here are some helpful tips on how to make a perfect study timetable that you might want to check and give you the best effective time management strategy.

4.  Take quick breaks

tips on how to study effectively for exams

Studying for exams can be very exhausting that’s why you need to take a break from your study area to do something different.

If you feel a bit sleepy or exhausted while studying you can also try to go outside and walk around for a minute to get some fresh air.

You can also try eating a healthy snacks while taking a break or you can just take a short nap.

Taking a quick breaks means rewarding yourself every time you achieve some task on your study timetable.

Pro-tip: Taking good care of your health will help you study more by improving your mood, energy and can lessen your stress levels.

5. Create your own mock exam

tips on how to study effectively for exams

I always love to create a practice mock exam every time I finish reviewing for my subjects because it helps me understand everything and it simply refresh my mind on what I studied.

You can also create your own practice exam every time you finish studying for every subjects, it can help you memorize everything.

You can choose whether you like to print it out or just write it on a sheet of paper if you want.

I suggest to bring it on your exam day so that you’ll have less reviewers to bring with you.

Try to do this with your friends or with your family so that it can be more exciting. Enjoy!

6. Sleeping and waking up early

tips on how to study effectively for exams

Sleeping and waking up early is essential for your brain to work at it’s best. It really helps your brain to function better.

If you wake up early in the morning  you can have more time to study before going to your school.

Here are some of the best morning routine to help you feel motivated every time you wake up and makes you feel energized.

Final Thoughts on How to Study Effectively For Exams

  • Remember to relax after all your hard work
  • Reward yourself whatever the outcome is
  • Have fun
  • Be on time before exam
  • Be kind to yourself





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